Teva Sirra Sandals – Rugged, Attractive, Light


I recently bought a pair of Teva Sirra Sandals, and I thought I’d share my thoughts. First off, I love them. Each sandal is over 130 g lighter than the Tirras that they replaced, and they look nicer, dry faster, and get fewer rock stuck in them (thanks to narrower straps).

Teva Sirra Sandals are functional, light, and attractive

I’ve listed some pros and (very few) cons, but the video goes into a lot more details and testing.

Teva Sirra Pros:

  • Light (for a sports sandal)

  • Attractive – I can wear them to work (as a teacher)

  • Supportive – Just as supportive as the Terras or other sports sandals I’ve worn.

  • I like the ladder lock closure that adjusts tension on the whole sandal, though this may be a matter of opinion. Velcro does wear out and get sort of nasty though

  • They are grippy when dry or wet. I can do some scrambling around on rocks right after coming out of water. They also do well for creek walking.

  • They dry faster than the Tirras

  • They fit my wide feet.

  • They are comfortable.

  • They hold up for fairly steep hikes (500 m over 2.5 km)

Teva Sirra Cons:

  • The little plastic bit over the pinky toe on my left foot rubbed for the first day, but then it turned sideways and was no longer a problem.

  • The ladder lock does need occasional tightening, but usually, I wear them on the loosest setting anyway.

  • They didn’t grip on the slanty algae covered rocks, but I don’t know if anything would (maybe my felt wader boots). I just wanted to push the limits of their grippiness.

I’ve worn these almost every day since I got them. They are my new footwear of choice. Sadly, they don’t come in men’s sizes, but they do fit wide, so they might suit a man who likes the “feminine” look. Men’s sports sandals are all so ugly, lol.

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